Symbiosa Completes Staking to GIS Integration at Pee Dee Electric

Symbiosa has completed configuration and implementation of the Staking to GIS interface at Pee Dee Electric, a cooperative based in Darlington SC that serves more than 30,000 consumers. Pee Dee Electric recently converted their GIS to Milsoft's WindMilMap. They use Partner Software's Field Designer with GPS to stake jobs. The staking software then passes the information to WindMilMap, keeping their field inventoried facilities up to date, electrically correct, and geographically accurate. Milsoft and Partner Software integrate using a MultiSpeak web-based interface.

Symbiosa Successfully Converts Satilla REMC to WindMilMap

Symbiosa has completed a successful GIS conversion for Satilla REMC, an electrical cooperative based in Alma, GA that serves more than 50,000 consumers. Satilla REMC utilizes SEDC CAS and GAS for accounting and previously used Origin, a legacy GIS, for their Geographic Information System needs. Satilla recognized the power of having the power of the WindMil connectivity model at the center of their GIS and its ability to seamlessly integrate and update system information in their Milsoft DisSPatch OMS system. Using WindMilMap Satilla is able to easily update their outage system with the latest information on their electrical system.



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