What is Professional Utility GIS Management?

That is a question we often hear when asked what Symbiosa does for it's clients.  For small to mid-size utilities we actually manage and maintain all aspects of the GIS, and the peripheral technologies that support and integrate with the GIS.  To most utility personnel the GIS is simply a black box that houses the utilities critical facilities data.  The majority of the utility's staff are more likely to be familiar with the more practical technologies that are using the GIS data including map viewers, staking technology and outage management systems. 


Symbiosa provides top level support for many of these "practical technologies" by partnering with leading GIS technology providers.  Our staff also coordinates with utility personnel to maintain the core GIS and electrical model.  By obtaining professional level services utilities are much more likely to successfully maintain valuable data that has been painstakingly collected about the utility's facilities.  Symbiosa also helps standardize the work processes surrounding the GIS to make sure that utility's GIS data is structured in the best possible way to optimize the utility's other mission critical systems.

Although it is often more practical for larger utilities to maintain a GIS staff of their own, Symbiosa is able to supplement even the largest utilities with expert configuration services, custom systems integration, data conversions and consulting when necessary.