What is Electrical GIS Rectification via High Resolution Imagery?  

For utilities that have detailed maps of their systems that have been maintained with general precision but lack geographic accuracy, an electrical GIS rectification project may be a cost effective means to gain GPS accurate digital maps.  Electrical GIS Rectification via High Resolution Imagery is the process of using high resolution imagery to correct the coordinates of a mapping system that may otherwise have generally correct facilities information.

Would an Electrical GIS Rectification via High Resolution Imagery be a good option for my utility?

Electrical GIS Rectification via Imagery is a great option for utilities that have a complete digitized system map with an existing electrical connectivity model, such as Milsoft's WindMil EA Model, that is not coordinated properly with real world GPS coordinates.  We find that many of these utilities have used a wheel and compass to gather as built work order information. As one job is built upon another minor inaccuracies in deflection angles and distances compound on one another.  While the geometry is usually discernible when evaluating the digitized system versus known landmarks such as major roads and highways, the overall distances between real world coordinates and the digitized system map may be off by miles.  Symbiosa is experienced in professionally analyzing these situations and providing accurate rectification.